Organisations of all sizes across the UK and Ireland trust Relative to deliver.

From proof-of-concept to fully fledged product, and from analysis to system automation, we help bring modern software engineering to everyone from entrepreneurs to established corporations.

Every project hinges on what is put in. Success is Relative

We know what it takes to make an excellent digital product. Whether it's a mobile app, a highly-scalable web platform with live streaming, or an AI-powered analysis tool that gives your sales team the edge.

We get to know you and your idea
so we can help you realise it

We've worked with everyone from entrepreneurs to large corporations. We're experts at extracting your thoughts and getting to the core of the issue. If you've got an idea that needs some muscle, let us work with you to research your market, build some prototypes and validate your proposition.

We use Agile Methods and Test-Driven Development

Bugs are par for the course in Software Devlopment, but by using TDD (Test-Driven Development), we can ensure that most defects are designed out before the become a problem. We can also use our unit tests to validate that everything worsk at every step of the way. We deliver your work in short bite-sized chunks, ensuring that you always have the power to change your mind. Working in small units means that we can spot potential bad designs or ideas and change course quickly to minimise their impact on delivery.

Grow without Growing Pains

By leveraging the power of the cloud, we ensure you don't pay to run a server that isn't being used. When your customer base grows, or you experience a sudden surge in demand, our serverless, scalable technology takes up the strain and your users won't notice the difference.

Mobile Apps

We create iOS and Android apps with a single codebase written in React Native for low-cost, high performance results that your users will love.

Web Apps & Services

Using serverless technology, and leveraging the power of Amazon Web Services, we can produce software that's fast, secure and scales to epic proportions.


We provide architecture consulting by an AWS Certified Solutions Architect and code-review services to help your in-house team get the best from their work.


Whether it’s learning to code or becoming certified in the latest technology, we provide expert training at your place or ours.

What Our Customers Say

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